Our Story


Who is Wehi?



The brand Wehi Designs was inspired by Marcel’s middle name, Kawehiokaleimamo, given to her by her tutulady (grandmother). Her name means “the adornment of the mamo bird”, a bird endemic to Hawai’i but now extinct. The mamo was one of the most honored birds and adorned with beautiful yellow and black feathers which were collected to create featherwork for the ali’i (royalty).

 In the same way the feathers adorn the mamo, each Wehi piece is designed to “adorn” every woman with a style that blends the simplicity of our islands with contemporary fashion. And while the clothes may not make the woman, it can certainly affect her confidence—and a confident woman that knows her worth is a force to be reckoned with!

Wehi Designs offers a contemporary line of island-inspired clothing, designed in Hawai’i and hand-dyed in Bali. Born and raised in Hilo, Hawai’i, owner & operator Marcel (Evans) Rodrigues has always had an eye for fashion and a heart to empower the women around her. That same passion inspires the designs for clothing that beautifully adorns every woman.

 Meet my beautiful ohana ❤️
(Alianna, Auriella, Eddie, Marcel, Ani & Jeffrey)